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Jus Kidding is a weekly podcast meeting of the minds of Ayrosh & Chaxy where they explore current events and comedy (humor?) meet. Some jokes land, while others are cringe-worthy but don’t take them too seriously as they will often remind you that they are “Jus Kidding”. The dynamic duo brings on a new riveting meaning to the bickering couple as they are both very opinionated and seem to disagree on just about everything. Jus Kidding is published every week on Sunday on Soundcloud, iTunes and YouTube! 

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Inappropriate comment slinging and high-pitched laugh having goon on the podcast. He has a very cheerful yet borderline offensive way of talking about conventionally serious matters.



Smooth and grounding voice you will hear on the podcast. Bright eyed & naïve but one of the top singer/songwriters in the country under a genre he pioneered – Folk Fusion (pop/R&B/Mugithi).

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