Who is killing the Kenyan music industry? (Feat. Charisma)

On this week’s episode @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host @Luhyaheat who is a musician and one third of @Le_band. They discuss:
– Le Band members going solo and an upcoming Le Band album
– Are media houses paying the required monies to play Kenyan music monthly?
– Why hasn’t the play 60% local music quota been enforced?
– How the industry is not structured to support upcoming artists
– Why the industry is harsh to female artists especially the up and coming
– Why the government through the policy makers are failing the music industry
– Suggestions of solutions that upcoming artists can embrace to monetise their music
– Where does the money collected by the different governing bodies like PRISK go to? PLUS MORE!!!!

Life is what you make it (Feat. Kahvinya)

On this week’s episode @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host @Kahvinya who is a musician and humanist. They discuss:
– Veganism and myths around veganism
– Religion and the question of conformity
– Rastafarianism
– Living a routine life Vs consiously living through life
– Anxiety
– Quarter life crisis and it’s influence on the come up PLUS MORE!!!!

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The fake it till you make it generation (Live recording)

On this week’s episode @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial record the first live episode with an intimate audience of ten people. They discuss social pressure, the current fake it till you make it generation, African art, the impact social media has had in our lives plus more!!!!
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Why showbiz is still a boys’ club (Feat. Kwambox)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @Kwambox discuss male dominance in Kenyan showbiz. Is the industry harsh to females? Do females have the same opportunities as the male artists? Are female artists lazier than the male artists? Why are there more male artists at the top tier than female artists? plus more!!!!

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If you have muscle, flex it(Feat. Krg The Don)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host controversial businessman/musician/record label owner @KrgTheDon. They discuss KRG’s source of wealth, his record label (@FastCashMusicGroup), how many cars does KRG own? How much is he worth?, Kenyan music and why it is essential to play and support Kenyan music, running a record label plus more!!!

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African art and mythologies (Feat. Kioko Mwitiki)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host Kioko Mwitiki (The founder @KiokoArtGallery) as they discuss what it entails running an art gallery, legalities of art, art plagiarism, good art, art platforms in Nairobi, African mythologies plus more!!!!

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JUS KIDDING PODCAST: Mookhwanja (Feat. Porgie Rosso)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host the man who puts money in people’s pockets (@m.porgie) – co-founder Mookh Africa; as they discuss how Mookh came into existence, safe & secure online payments in Kenya, items Kenyans purchase the most online, running an online/digital business, the future of Mookh plus many more!!!!
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Live from Dala Vol iii (Feat. Junior Nyong’o, Lindsay, Josephine and Kavinya)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial record the show live from Jiweke Tavern at the 3rd edition of Dala. They get to speak to Junior Nyong’o (founder of dala), Kavinya (musician), Lindsay (body artist) and Josephine (poet)…they discuss Kenyan music, body art, the concept of trinity, plus more!!!
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We got sued (Feat. Sue Sued)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh host @Sue_Sued who owns a Kenyan watch brand called @Suedwatches, is a fitness junkie and YouTuber. They discuss Kenyan watch industry, start ups, abortion laws in Kenya, Marie stops abortion saga, sex education plus more!!!!
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Is radio dying? (Feat. Elodie Zone & Charlie Karumi)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh host YouTubers @ElodieZone & @CharlieKarumi as they discuss their transition from YouTube to mainstream radio, vulnerability of content creators, twitter fingers (negative online comments/feedback/slander), NRG stars plus more!!!!

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