Life is 100% improvisation (Feat. Jason Runo)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host @JasonRuno from BYSS (Because You Said So). They discuss humour, the concept of BYSS, 5 years of BYSS in the game, the concept of time, resilience, hosting corporate gigs PLUS MORE!!! The episode was recorded at The Kioko Art Gallery in Lavington!
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Willy Paul, Yoweri Museveni, Xenophobia in SA, Nipsey Hussle PLUS MORE!!!

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial discuss whether Willy Paul is transitioning to secular, Willy Paul featuring Nandy, Yoweri Museveni visit to Kenya and the land Uganda was given to build a dry port in Kenya, the sad news of increasing xenophobia reports from South Africa and Nipsey Hussle’s sudden death and the Dr.Sebi conspiracy plus more!!!

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What to do?

On this week’s episode @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial discuss bag governance: Akothee and the famine situation in Turkana and Baringo; what are the solutions? AAR Insurance played themselves by ducking Boniface Mwangi, have you heard of the new milk policy that seeks to regulate how farmers sell their milk? Plus more!!!

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Self love or self hate? (Live audience recording)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host their second live audience recording session with an intimate audience of 9 people. They discuss:
– Did you know that even in 2019 you cannot access army barracks in Kenya if you have dreadlocks?
– The African identity crisis, we are lost in identity
– The Kenyans who discriminate other Kenyans when offering services to both a Kenyan and a foreigner
– Boycotting brands and premises that discriminate black people
– Body image discrimination
– Societal pressure to have perfect bodies
– Terrible habit of using fluency in English as a measure for intelligence
– The role of parenting in modern day civilisation

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Causes without rebels (Feat. Shukid)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host @KingShukid, a Kenyan hiphop artist and actor. They discuss:
– Why most Kenyan artists do not stand up for different causes
– Increasing extrajudicial killings targeting women and the women march
– Media support for upcoming and new artists on the scene
– The role of artists in society and how media can amplify this
– Boring, repetitive, not well thought of mainstream media interviews
– Why Shukid doesn’t want to do certain interviews any more PLUS MORE!!!

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Speak up or speak out (Feat. Skeme Music)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host @Skeme_Music, a Kenyan hiphop duo. They discuss:
– Growing up in the ghetto Vs growing up in the suburbs
– Unaccountability of extrajudicial killings in the ghetto
– Police brutality in Kenya and why it’s still on the rise
– How art is keeping ghetto youths away from crime
– Why artists need to speak up for society
– An upcoming Skeme Music short film, their music PLUS MORE!!!

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Who is killing the Kenyan music industry? (Feat. Charisma)

On this week’s episode @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host @Luhyaheat who is a musician and one third of @Le_band. They discuss:
– Le Band members going solo and an upcoming Le Band album
– Are media houses paying the required monies to play Kenyan music monthly?
– Why hasn’t the play 60% local music quota been enforced?
– How the industry is not structured to support upcoming artists
– Why the industry is harsh to female artists especially the up and coming
– Why the government through the policy makers are failing the music industry
– Suggestions of solutions that upcoming artists can embrace to monetise their music
– Where does the money collected by the different governing bodies like PRISK go to? PLUS MORE!!!!

Life is what you make it (Feat. Kahvinya)

On this week’s episode @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host @Kahvinya who is a musician and humanist. They discuss:
– Veganism and myths around veganism
– Religion and the question of conformity
– Rastafarianism
– Living a routine life Vs consiously living through life
– Anxiety
– Quarter life crisis and it’s influence on the come up PLUS MORE!!!!

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The fake it till you make it generation (Live recording)

On this week’s episode @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial record the first live episode with an intimate audience of ten people. They discuss social pressure, the current fake it till you make it generation, African art, the impact social media has had in our lives plus more!!!!
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Why showbiz is still a boys’ club (Feat. Kwambox)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @Kwambox discuss male dominance in Kenyan showbiz. Is the industry harsh to females? Do females have the same opportunities as the male artists? Are female artists lazier than the male artists? Why are there more male artists at the top tier than female artists? plus more!!!!

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