Flower boy (Feat. Junior Nyong’o)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host @JuniorNyongo. Junior Nyong’o discusses his choice of wearing dresses, cultural perceptions on ‘cross dressing’, online radio & podcasting, growing audiences online, his event Dala plus much more!!!

The tabloid economy (Feat. Mariah)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host @_mariah.mariah (the queen of gossip) as they discuss Vera Sidika Vs Otile Brown, cyber bullying, Jimmy Gait bankruptcy, why is Kristoff not popping on singles anymore, why gossip blogs are more popular than business blogs, Wizkid & Tiwa Savage plus many more!!!

Cashing in on YouTube (Feat. Wanjiru Njiru)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh are joined by @Wanjiru_Njiru as they discuss YouTube and vlogging. Can vlogging be a career or just a hobby? Competition between Kenyan YouTubers, making money off vlogging, monetising YouTube, what makes a good vlog? Must you be a hot Kenyan YouTuber to be popping? Plus more!!!!

Must we all invest in businesses? (Feat. Tim Adeka)

Apologies for the quality of sound on this week’s episode. However, there is very essential information on this recording…….On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh host @TimAdeka as they discuss business startups. Must we all invest in businesses? Is an idea and capital all we need to start a business? What’s the formula to starting a successful business? what are the three things you should never do as a startup? and many more!!!! Tim let’s us into his own business start up – Soundset Africa Creative….

Artist portfolio diversification

@ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial discuss the importance of artist portfolio diversification. Why does an artist need to diversify their skills and talents? What are the best ways to explore artist-corporate partnerships for the new generation of creatives? Plus many more!!!!

Penthouse banter

On this week’s episode @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh discuss whether it’s necessary to have a Kenyan sound in music, whether legends like Kipchoge Keino should face the full force of the law if found guilty of corruption in public offices plus many more!!!!


Politricks in the music industry (Feat. Raj)

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh are joined by @RajVille7 as they discuss the music business politics/politricks…they discuss Octopizzo buying views, Msupa S, Noti Flow, is Raj suicidal? do you think language affects the reach of an artist? How important is vernacular language in the current music industry? plus many more!!!!

Slave mill

On this week’s episode, @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh discuss increase in debts, Equatorial Guinea, Bobi Wine, correlation between artistry and politics/social issues and more!!!!!

Eye to eye!?

Join @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh on this week’s episode for more fun and entertainment (Atwoli, David The Student, NEMA demolitions, Are Kenyan celebrities really making money?, Bobi Wine)Everyday is a chance to learn something new

Let’s take a minute and rant!

On this week’s episode @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh discuss Octopizzo’s alleged cheating YouTube views, Elani is back, Ethic (Lamba Lolo kids)new song featuring The Kansoul, NEMA demolitions and more!!!!!