Please add these people on the ‘Guinness World Book Of Records’

The line between crazy and genius is very thin most of the time.
Sometimes the ideas we think are dope are better left in our heads.
@ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh look into some of the craziest and interesting inventions of the modern age.

Stop all this drama! It’s never too serious

@ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh look at some drama that has recently made headlines. What is it with pupils burning down schools? How about the KU graduate who was brutally murdered by her ‘lover’? Lol, Koffi olomide should have used a hand instead of his foot.

Man eat man society

@ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh have interesting opinions on the man eat man society that we live in.
– Who was the first conductor to introduce sambazas?
– R.I.P Shibi
– Coke studio cypher went down. Find out who disappointed Kenya.
– Where has Racheal Shebesh been though?
– Pambazuka National Lottery make a 7.5 Million worth of hospital equipment donation to Maragua Rural hospital

Why do you think corporate Kenya does not involve itself with many Kenyan artists as much?

@ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh look into the main reasons why most Kenyan artists don’t receive much corporate support! Why do you think corporate Kenya does not involve itself with many artists as much?

Actions Have Consequences (DONT DRINK AND DRIVE)

The madness continues
We take an in-depth look at the tragedy in the kisii kilgoris highway where 8 university students lost their lives.
A Man in Bungoma tries to cut off his junk.
The Israelites have landed.. the chaos oh.. the drama
And we also tell you why Tharaka NITHi county spent hundreds of thousands to buy fish for their rivers. and they did!!!!!

Of drug trafficking countries break ups and burnt schools

We take a look at how drug trafficking can change your life.
What #Brexit means to you.
We also try to understand why students would burn an entire school.

June 2016 in highlights

@ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh present some of the drama, good, bad, and ugly that came with the month of July. Enjoy the craziness

What exactly is BLAZE? Interesting age of social media

Are you still asking yourself what BLAZE is? Well, it’s not a cult, lol @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh have answers for you. Also, we live in an interesting age of social media, find out how by listening in

The war between SPONSORS and TEAM MAFISI

@Ayrosh thinks he has the tips that can make you the ultimate sponsor. On the other hand, @ThatGuyChaxy thinks he has information that can help Team Mafisi overcome the increased number of sponsors. What is your take in all this discussion?

Crazy Laws From Around The World

In Kenya we may be a bit complaisant in how legal matters are handled. in some countries, the laws are creepy, weird and borderline crazy and enforced brutally. HERE ARE A FEW LAWS THAT YOU WONT BELIEVE EXIST.