Old men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die

@ThatGuyChaxy thinks men should wash their hands every time before handling their dicks @Ayrosh thinks Kenyan police are idle. Hey, what is your take on women empowerment? Take a worthwhile listen, subscribe/follow and share

Wanna know what it takes to be a great parent? Be a parent first

Are you compelled to use black emojis just because you are black? Well, @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh feel you need to undergo parenthood in order to exactly understand what it takes to become a great parent.

Always chew before you swallow

Hypocrisy is the rule of the day! Why though? Maybe we fear to question lotsa issues. What’s your vibe though?

Nothing but good vibes

Whoa! Finally, the first episode of #JusKidding is up. Join @ThatGuyChaxy and @Ayrosh on this introductory episode. Just random good vibes!
Expect an episode each and every Sunday! All the coming episodes will be more intense, more informative and very opinionated.