Who is killing the Kenyan music industry? (Feat. Charisma)

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On this week’s episode @ThatGuyChaxy and @AyroshOfficial host @Luhyaheat who is a musician and one third of @Le_band. They discuss:
– Le Band members going solo and an upcoming Le Band album
– Are media houses paying the required monies to play Kenyan music monthly?
– Why hasn’t the play 60% local music quota been enforced?
– How the industry is not structured to support upcoming artists
– Why the industry is harsh to female artists especially the up and coming
– Why the government through the policy makers are failing the music industry
– Suggestions of solutions that upcoming artists can embrace to monetise their music
– Where does the money collected by the different governing bodies like PRISK go to? PLUS MORE!!!!
YOUTUBE LINK – https://youtu.be/vNGvPplzcE4

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